Service and Support

Translation procurement should be the simplest part of case management.

With Transpose, it is.



On your schedule
Submit files for translation. Change a glossary preference. Request supplemental services, like
consular services or on-site delivery.

Do it all at your convenience, with a single e-mail or phone call.

Better support                        
We work exclusively with specialists. That means that when you call Transpose for assistance, you will speak with a highly experienced specialist who is an expert
translation management. Whether you need urgent translation of a blackline or have a million words of e-discovery data, we will apply our industry expertise to find the right solution.

Workflow that flows
"It is midnight, local time; your translations are past due. You phone your service provider’s overseas office, only to find the staff there completely unaware of your filing deadline."

Sound familiar?

Transpose believes worldwide coverage should be an asset, not a liability.

We have structured our workflow to ensure true continuity – and failsafe communication – among our offices.

Our team holds multiple daily conference calls, with ownership of impending deadlines confirmed by senior personnel in each office.

Detailed checklists are applied to essential procedures, and a senior project manager reviews every assignment to confirm viability and resource allocation.



o Translation

  • Certified/Sworn TRANSPOSE Translation
  • Draft Translation
  • Machine Translation
  • Security Options
  • Case Studies

o   Legal Consular Services

o   Localization

o   On- cloud linguistic solutions

o   Document Production

o   Cost-Saving Solutions

o   Human Resources procurement




Practice Areas

o   Antitrust/Competition​​​​​​​

o   Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

o   Corporate

o   Medical

o   Government Investigations/Regulatory

o   Intellectual Property

o   Litigation

o   Public Sector / NGOs



o   Energy

o   Financial Services

o   Shipping

o   Trading

o   Insurance

o   Life Sciences

o   Manufacturing

o   Technology


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