Why do we specialize?

For the same reason you do: to deliver better service.

Our commitment to provide excellent translation services defines everything we do: our linguist recruitment and testing; our proprietary project-management technology;

our quality-assurance protocols and translation workflow process – everything at Transpose has been customized with the needs of professionals in mind.

Dynamic support
Because business is project driven, most of our translation assignments arrive with little notice.

Our service model has been designed to accommodate the last minute and high-volume requests typical of litigations, arbitrations and investigations. We work with expert translators in all time zones and we have global production facilities performing essential quality assurance – editing, proofreading, glossary and translation memory (TM) alignment – around the clock.

This allows us to begin working on your submission as soon as we receive it, and to assign your translations effectively. 

Essential process checks
For long-term and high-volume translation projects, we assign interim deadlines and communicate regularly with our linguists to confirm progress, relay updated instructions and share client feedback.

To ensure proper translation allocation, we keep detailed records of translator qualifications and performance. All projects are double-checked to ensure accountability and traceability.

Beyond translation
Business matters often involve more than just translation. Transpose can deliver a comprehensive solution for your case or transaction.