Since 1967

At TRANSPOSE, high-level human translation is all we do.

It is the reason professionals rely on us when translation accuracy is essential.

Unparalleled Linguists

Do not let an inaccurate translation jeopardize your case or transaction.


By working with Transpose, you will ensure that each of your translations is performed by a highly qualified human expert translator.



Recruit the best
Transpose recruits
 worldwide across all language pairs.

Given the needs of our clients, we select only the very best candidates: our acceptance rate is approximately 5%.

Continous feedback
To ensure consistent excellence from our translators, we provide real-time feedback on their work.

Real time feedback means that our linguists’ skills continuously improve.


Working with Transpose

The less time you spend managing your language services, the more time you have for your business.

Transpose simplifies procurement for business community,

helping you efficiently coordinate expert translation services for any project.



Always available
With production hubs in Geneva, Fribourg, Bucharest and Taipei, we are working when you are working – no matter where you are. Call or e-mail at your convenience; you will receive prompt, expert assistance from a Transpose professional.

We provide a single point of contact for all of your worldwide personnel, allowing you to initiate service, coordinate supplemental language services, change a glossary preference, or update a deadline with a single communication.

Delivery on your schedule
With linguists working across all time zones, we can begin working on your translation
immediately, no matter when you submit your source documents. This means fast turnaround, fewer expedited-service surcharges, and high-quality translations when you need them.

The specialist advantage
There will be times when you know exactly what you need –  such as thirty files translated by Friday for use in an IP litigation.

Your staff will deliver your instructions, along with any reference material, to our team, who will ensure that your project progresses as required.

However, sometimes, you might not have time to consider every service approach. You might be unaware, for example, that you have duplicative source material, or whether summary translation might be a viable option. That is where our expertise can make a big difference. We will assess your project and tailor a solution that minimizes your costs while ensuring the fastest possible delivery.